III. "If you're go-ing to San Francisco be sure to wear some flowers in your hair..."

On the road to San Francisco

I drove into San Francisco a few days after the Supreme Court ruled that married same–sex couples are entitled to equal rights and federal benefits that other married couples received. The following weekend was set for the San Francisco Pride Celebration, which is the biggest gathering in the United States for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. Unbeknownst by me. It would be a wild party as people lined up by the hundreds or thousands or some ridiculous number to file for a marriage in California.

II Auntie's Boostore and Planet Seattle

The insurance agent whom I talked with at USAA said that the company wouldn’t pay for the damage that I’d incurred on the road by Riggins, so I upgraded my auto insurance and went on driving with two major dents and a slightly dangling headlight. I washed blood off the truck and cleansed my mind with a good dinner in Spokane. The reading that night proved nearly perfect and several people in the audience asked thoughtful questions. Lois at Aunties set me up like the pro she is and several of my long-lost old friends came to the reading.

Taking it on the road

When you’ve read the book you’ve written before a group of people, you’ve read it, right? You’ve done your thing. It’s over. Big splash but hardly any ripples flowing out. No magic, no darkness, no joy, no big surprises, right? Well, that ain't been my experience. Here is the first of three of my road trip accounts. Look for them for the next three Fridays.

Solstice Hikes in 2010 and 2013

June 20, 2010                         A deal is made. 


A Day in the Slammer in Cascade, Idaho

A Day in the Slammer in Cascade, Idaho

About the time I was fingerprinted, I realized my jail sentence was for real. Before that moment it just seemed like some kind of lousy practical joke.

“Oh, come on,” I felt like saying, “One day in jail for not having auto insurance? What’s that supposed to prove? Isn’t the $40 fine enough.” But there I stood, transferring ink from a piece of Masonite to a pair of official looking cards and leaving behind my unique smudges.

Finding Home in Joelle Fraser's The Forest House

Finding Home in Joelle Fraser's The Forest House
By Mike Medberry

Idaho Volcanos and the Great Rift

When he designated  the 737,000 acre  Craters of the Moon  National Monument in 2000,  President Clinton proclaimed that, “The most recent eruptions at Craters of the Moon  took place about 2,100 years ago and were likely witnessed by the Shoshone people, whose legend speaks of a serpent on a mountain who, angered by lightning, coiled around and squeezed the mountain until the rocks crumbled and  melted, fire shot from the cracks, and  liquid rock flowed from the fissures as the mountain exploded.” 

Hiking on the Blue Moon



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